Perfection is such an UGLY word


For a couple of days the Lord has been telling me, “You are too hard on yourself.”  Walking down the hallway, “You are too hard on yourself.” Driving to the store, “You are too hard on yourself.” And so on and so on. Since having a baby seven months ago I am more forgetful than normal and God has really made sure the messages He wants me to apply to my life are repeated OFTEN. After two of so days of hearing this statement I stopped and asked Him to explain it to me. He explained that being hard on myself is the pursuit of PERFECTION. WHATTTT???? I have always hated that word. I hate it because it causes so many issues in so many lives. Yet, here I was trying to obtain it. His words revealed that my striving was futile. It showed that I needed this message to become heart knowledge instead of head knowledge. From our conversation two main points surfaced:

  1. I will never be perfect
  2. Trying to perfect is a sign that I am trying to make something happen. The only thing I need to do is be obedient.

He showed me perfection does not give Him room to move in our weakness nor does it allow Him to show us how greatly LOVED we are. In actuality, it keeps us trapped in fleshly wisdom, ideas, thoughts etc. We operate from a carnal mind which is the total opposite of the Mind of Christ. Perfection also stifles creativity. God never told us to be perfect but He did tell us to operate in excellence, operating under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and giving our best. We were called to be totally dependent on God. We were called to rest in His love. We were called to be creative. We are called to operate in excellence


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