It’s not them it’s ME

Often we become SOOOOO spiritual we are no earthly good. We forget that GOD loves those who are plagued with demons, the hopeless and even “that” person in your circle. Yes, “that” individual, the one that is irritating, abrasive, frustrating etc. The person that causes all of your Jesus to fly right out the window. ‘That” person is designed to be sandpaper to file down your rough and sharp edges. We often want to send these people to the outskirts of our communities and lives because they cause things to rise within us that we just don’t want to deal with. These individuals serve to challenge our beliefs and makes us face the areas of our life that NEED growth. Usually, God will not remove that person from your life until certain behaviors have been eradicated. We are designed to walk in the deity of God which means flesh has to come under subjection to the Spirit.  An overcomer does not run but faces the ugly within themselves and ask God for a plan to deal with it. It is not easy but it is worth it.


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