The Flow of Traffic

slower traffic

I recently returned from a well deserved 7 day vacation and it was the BEST and tiring vacation since childhood. As a child/teen we, Mom and brother, would travel from North Carolina to South Carolina to visit our family. My Mom reminds me very much of Abram. In Gen 12:1 (AMP) the Lord told Abram, “Go for yourself [for your own advantage] away from your country, from your relatives and your father’s house, to the land that I will show you.” As if the Lord told her the same, she left South Carolina when I was five, got a job at a Harris Nuclear Power Plant, came back a month or so later and moved me and my brother to New Hill, North Carolina.

Those road trips only took at most two hours but every weekend we would pile up in that grey Chevette and head back to the Frazier farm. We would talk about our dreams, different things that happened during the week and she would instill wisdom that I did not find useful for years. My brother and I loved to stop at the halfway point, Southern Pines, to get our Bojangle’s chicken snacks. As we got older she would let us drive and taught us how to travel safely with the Semi’s on I-95. We also skirted many tickets downshifting that stickshift instead of braking at the sight of the police. She was such a wise woman. 

As I mentioned, I just returned from Cali and I wanted it to be much like the beloved road trips I took with my family as an adolescent.  IT WAS NOT.  The drive itself was physically, spiritually and mentally exhausting. I found myself praying very much through the mountainous passes and for those who thought it was a smart idea to dart in front of Semi trucks. Basically, I was driving to keep my family safe as well as the other travelers safe. Very draining to say the least. The most exhausting part of the trip was the stop and go traffic created by individuals driving slow in the fast lane. On this 12 hour trip I came up with three reasons people drove slow in the fast lane:

  1. They would drive slow because they lived within the city and were not traveling long distances.
  2. Other’s did not understand the purpose of the fast lane.
  3. Some simply did not want to get into the slow lane because it was occupied by others.

Through this God showed me how we often hinder other’s travel plans within the Body of Christ. Many times an individual has been given instructions to the next destination and because we have not received these instructions, waiting on our own instructions or being disobedient we get in the way of others travel plans. This causes the individual with the instruction to delay their trip and become weary on the way to the destination which makes them unfit for service at the destination. I also noticed when the individual was given the correct space in the fast lane they were able to effectively control the flow of traffic (natural leaders).

As members we have to become more discerning, unselfish and sacrificing . Even Christ relinquished his power, rights and plans to make sure that the OUR Father’s work is done. He knew how to Surrender and Sacrifice which makes it a requirement as a member of the Kingdom. Often individuals feel because they are moving slower than others that God has forgotten them or they did something wrong which is completely untrue. We can’t always be in the fast lane sometimes we have to move over to the slow lane to rest and hear instructions. There is nothing wrong with slowing down  it actually shows wisdom.   We never know who God is calling and why. You don’t want to be a hinderance to that call and a obstruction to the individuals on the receiving end of that calling.



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