Do You Hear The Blood?


I was thinking about the scene in Passion where Mary and Mary Magdalene cleaned up the blood of Jesus with white cloths. It made me think about our society and how we really don’t think about our actions in the long run. We don’t think about how they affect others. If you check out FB, IG, Twitter, SnapChat, our interactions with others, our conversations with friends and family;  we are so quick to judge others for mistakes they have made, speak ill of them because we are  jealous and envious, as well offer unsolicited reasons they are in unbecoming situations. We are no different than the men who punished Jesus, they beat him until blood was spraying from his wounds. We do the same except we use our words and actions. Can you imagine the amount of blood we have spilled by what we have said or done to others? Let’s take it further, we learn this behavior from our parents, family members, friends and media. Now add that and visualize the copious amounts of blood that has been shed. This blood  calls from the ground and you wonder why certain situations keep happening in your life or the lives of those connected to you. The earth is moaning and groaning for the Sons of God to manifest. The blood is speaking (Gen 4:1-11).

We, those that are Sons/Daughters of God, are called to be like Mary and Mary Magdalene. We clean the spilled blood by speaking and acting in truth so others may turn from ways that damage self and those they come in contact with. We have purpose: repair broken hearts, free those in captivity, announce God’s favor and comfort those that mourn (Is 61). Our mouths and actions are to bring life not spill blood.

For those that have been wounded, remember no one  has no power over you except what is given from above. Everything is purposeful to bring you to a good end. These situations bring wisdom, knowledge and grows your faith. It is intended to bring you close to God so you may bring others closer to Him.


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