Waiting Expectantly

I have been busy. Caring for a 9 month old, a teen, a tween and a husband while working 10 hour days five days a week. We are preparing to move out of state. I have applied to more than 100 jobs and the only response I get is from insurance agents wanting me to build my own business. I don’t know about that one. 

We planned to move last month but my husband felt we should wait until the end of this month. See I am the type of person if I hear God say move I just do it. I dive in head first and figure out the details while I am swimming. However, my husband is different he waits before diving. Usually wanting the instructions and clarity before swimming. This has brought me into a place of waiting.  Knowing I received a promise but can’t do anything because jobs are not presenting themselves and my husband is saying wait has really brought up some issues. I HATE WAITING and God knows this. 

ISSUE #1: I hate waiting because it gives doubt and disbelief time to speak. I don’t feel like battling these two because they are simply annoying, constant, irritating and in the past they would wear me down. However, this time around there is no choice, either I confront the “Evil D’s” or go through this again in the next couple of months. God does not desire for me lack preserverance He wants me to be a whole individual lacking no good thing. So the “Evil D’s” are not necessarily evil, they push me to read, apply and rest on God’s promises. 

ISSUE#2: I struggle with resting in God because it is letting go of my perceived control over a situation. In other words, I AM AFRAID I will miss God or be put in a situation that will affect me adversely. It is a myth that we miss God. He is always there. Everything works out for our good. Even if at the time it hurts it ultimately  works together to bring us and others connected to us to a greater place. We have more knowledge, wisdom and understanding the ingredients for living life instead of surviving life. 

The world teaches us that everything has to be instant and you have to create a way of escape and that is a trap within itself. Usually instant fixes and self made plans are like using several bandaids on a knife wound to a vital organ. It may keep the injury covered for awhile but the wound needs substantial treatment. When we are sooooo quick to apply instant fixes and lean to our own understanding we fail to learn valuable lessons and take hold of promising opportunities which were designed to bring us into the DIVINE fullness of our being. We were created with HOLISTIC well-being in mind. Not broken and dented in one area and healthy in another. It is also not a requirement to STRUGGLE through every stage of life. Many times we struggle because we are not resting on God’s promises. 

This is where waiting expectantly comes in. “But hope does not involve what we already have or see. For who goes around hoping for what he already has? But if we wait expectantly for things we have never seen, then we hope with true perseverance and eager anticipation.” Romans 8:24-25.  Waiting expectantly involves knowing the promise (even though you have not see it) and waiting with hope KNOWING that it has to come to pass. Waiting expectantly builds your trust in God, faith and strengthens you for life’s various ups, downs, twists, turns and spirals. 


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