Facing Me

I am at a place where my Faith and EVERYTHING I know is being tested. We finally moved to the West Coast to be met with many many NO’s!  What? No? You can’t be talking to me. Do you know who I am? Apparently NOT! I am Kingdom one of God’s FAVORITE Daughters and you are telling me NO! God you told us to move. These are the thoughts and words pouring from my lips the past 2 weeks. 

I have to admit I have had some ROUGH days battling to keep God’s promises at the forefront of my mind. The way I think about others, housing, success, and job security has totally changed. It was a much needed change. I am more compassionate and find myself praying more and more for those going through rough patches in life. I have been pushed into the lap of God knowing He is my only chance of survival and sanity. Like Finding Favor says, He is the ANCHOR of my Hope and the only one in control. 

 I have lived such a lie thinking I am in control of things. The only thing I am in control of is my reaction to the situation. Often, I try to make the correct decision to have the most pleasant outcome or ideal outcome and more often than not the outcome is not pleasant or ideal but it is something that reveals the TRUE condition of my heart/soul. I have found my heart/soul is envious, jealous, anxious, angry, fearful, depressed, reluctant, lacking faith and worried. What an ugly yet beautiful realization. It’s beautiful because God cares so much for me that He chooses to show me what He desires to change in me, if I allow Him. It also helps me to understand what it really is to cast my cares on God. The troubles of this World steals the very life from you. I chose peace because it is Health and Wealth. 


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